Lamberton Racing Pigeons

Pencil Pied Hen
10th Place East Meadow Bond Race

AU 2011 LAMBERTON 129 pencil pied hen was purchased from Lamberton Racing Pigeons by Antonio Dias and scored 10th place out of 249 young bird entries in the 2011 East Meadow Bond Race in which there were only 16 day birds clocked.  She is the nest sister to AU 2011 LAMBERTON 130 blue pied hen which is breeding in our stock loft.  Their father is PACER, AU Elite Champion #109.  Their mother is CHRISTINE, an excellent breeder bred from the supers of Gustaaf Cuypers.  129 and130 are sisters to PACESETTER, AU 2011 LAMBERTON 80 blue male raced by Jeff Lamberton.