Lamberton Racing Pigeons

Blue Check Male
Antoine Jacops Meuleman

The father of DIAMOND CHEX, MIKE'S ACE,  is a son of Antoine Jacops foundation pair of breeders, the DIAMOND COUPLE.  MIKE'S ACE is a full brother to the SUPER ACE, the DIAMOND ACE, and the WITPEN ACE - all three brothers from the DIAMOND COUPLE are Ace pigeons in the Antwerp Union Belgium.  The mother to DIAMOND CHEX was bred by Mike Chafardon out of two of Jacops best breeders, the WRONG WILLY and GESCHIFTE.  These two males are full brothers as well as brothers to the PLAYBOY.  These three brothers came from Willy Van Berendonk and are Meuleman/Janssen pigeons sired by DEN 78000, a son of Karel Meulemans GOLDEN COUPLE

DIAMOND CHEX is the father, grandfather, and great grandfather to race winners, head prize winners and top breeders.  For example, he is the father to CHECK ME OFF that won a 400 mile race and CHECK ME OUT that won a 500 mile race in the 2008 Old Bird Race Series.  He is the father to LADY CHEX, a beautiful blue hen that has bred race winners and is the grandmother to race winners.  DIAMOND CHEX is also the father to BLUE CHEX, the mother to CHECK ME OFF and CHECK ME OUT.  The latest son of DIAMOND CHEX and his full sister, the PEG LEG HEN, is DIAMOND CHEX JUNIOR, a beautiful young male that looks just like his father.  To date, DIAMOND CHEX has been a prolific breeder. 


BELG 90 6540162, the father of DIAMOND CHEX, was bred from the DIAMOND COUPLE

and is a full brother to Antoine Jacop's SUPER ACE and DIAMOND ACE.


2 times 1st Middle Distance Ace Hafo Lier Antwerp Union Belgium 1987 - 1988


1st Long Distance (Fond) Ace Antwerp Union Belgium 1992


The DIAMOND COUPLE - Parents of BELG 90 6540162 and grandparents of DIAMOND CHEX