2019 Spring Semester
Current Sociological Events
Adjunct Professors
Prescription Opiod Restrictions
Personal Space
Neck Problem
Tribes by Seth Godin
Meeting Notes
Walgreen Rewards for Walking
Bikini Barista
Conflict in Marriage
Quieting the Lizard Brain: Seth Godin
Student Forced to Remove Ash Wednesday Cross
Secrets of the Creative Brain
Sexual Harassment Begins Early
Making Sex Outside of Marriage Legal
Come to Texas
Rain Tax
Border Security
Personal Data For Sale

Advances in treatment for Depression

INSTRUCTOR'S CHOICE: Morgan Woodward Passes

MARRIAGE: The First Lesson of Marriage 101: There Are No Soul Mates

ENVIRONMENT & CULTURE: Climate Change Lawsuit

SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Do Transgender Athletes Have an Unfair Advantage?

GAY & LESBIAN: Lesbian School Counselor versus Catholic Church

TRANSPORTATION & CULTURE: Carpocalypse Now:  LYFT Transportation Service

Centrist Democrats push back against party’s liberal surge:  Analysis using the Bell-Shaped Curve

Climate Change: The New Normal?

United Methodist Church & LGBT stand

Billy Porter at the 2019 Oscars

Three Most Common Reasons for Conflict in Marriage

Destiny Johnson Commits to the University of Tulsa

Destiny Johnson Scores 29 in Win Over Owasso

Toned Bodies Are Now Deemed Sexier Than Thin Bodies