Lamberton Racing Pigeons

BELG 01 6090131
White Splash Male
Antoine Jacops

The WHITE DIAMOND is the father and grandfather to excellent racers and breeders.  A son, DIAMOND FIDEEL, was 1st Ace NEO Federation 2006 Old Bird Race Series and AU ELITE CHAMPION #111. Another son, DIAMOND RIO, is one of our two best breeding males from Antoine Jacops.  SIRE:  DIAMOND ACE - 1st Long Distance Ace in the Antwerp Union Belgium in 1992.  The DIAMOND ACE is a son of the DIAMOND COUPLE - the KLEINE CAHORS coupled with the SCHOON BLAUW.  The KLEINE CAHORS is a 1st Ace Middle Distance in the Antwerp Union in 1985 and 1st Olympiade 1987 in Dortmund Germany in 1987.  The KLEINE CAHORS is a son of the CAHORS who is a son of the BROKEN LEG male - a 9 times 1st prize winner.  The SCHOON BLAUW is a daughter of the PLAYBOY, a Meuleman-Janssen from Willy Van Berendonk.  PLAYBOY'S father, the 78,000, is a son of Karel Meuleman's GOLDEN COUPLE.  The SCHOON BLAUW'S mother is a daughter of the BROKEN LEG male - a 9 times prize winner.  DAM:  Daughter of an excellent breeder from Dr. Fernand Marien - Tielen (Brother of 1st National) coupled with a full sister to the DIAMOND ACE