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All over the world, people are generally the same. People make look a little differently, i.e., skin color, hair color, physical features, etc.  People may organize themselves differently, i.e., societies, nations, countries, provinces, states, etc.  People may have different cultures, i.e., languages, customs, values, technologies, etc.  People may live in different parts of the world, i.e., North America, Asia, Europe, Africa, etc.  People may differ politically, religiously, and ethically.

But even with all of this diversity, people are people - homo sapiens.

All over the world, pigeon racing is an exciting and rewarding hobby in which pigeon fanciers play a fantastic game with homing pigeons or high flying pigeons.  The pigeons may look differently.  The game may be organized differently. The game may have different customs and rules.  The game may be played in different parts of the world. The game may be valued differently.

But even with all of this diversity, the primary purpose of a hobby is the same - personal enjoyment, fulfillment and achievement.

Whoever you are. Whatever your personal appearance.  However you are socially organized. Whatever your customs and values. Where ever you live. Whatever your political views or your religion.  The information in this website is available FOR YOU. Whether you are a prospective pigeon fancier who wants to learn more about homing pigeons and the exciting game of racing pigeons - whether you are a current pigeon fancier who wants to enhance and improve your personal knowledge and enjoyment of racing pigeons - or you are a member of the world's general public who knows very little or nothing at all about homing pigeons and the sport of racing pigeons, this site is FOR YOU

Our goal is FOR YOU to become aware of the science, the secrets and the myths of playing the racing pigeon game at the top of the race sheet according to the legendary fanciers who mentored Dr. John Lamberton and the personal theories and methods he has developed over a life-time of trial and error in order that you may enjoy your personal hobby in a more exciting and rewarding way. 

We have created this website especially FOR YOU